Personal effectiveness

In our personal development programs you will recognise your core qualities and use them authentically.

An example:

Training “Goal setting & Guard your limits”

Do you recognise these questions?

  • How do I set my priorities right so that I can spend time to real important things?
  • Am I setting the right goals for myself, because I never stick to them?
  • I keep stretching my limits, is that still healthy?
  • I would like to say no more often, but how can I do that without frustrating people?

In a training ‘goal setting & guard your limits’, these questions will be answered in one day.

We work with goal setting the KaiZen way, with time management according to Eisenhower, with Aikido principles and essential conflict management issues.

Persoonlijke effectiviteit


We inspire people to ‘become better at being you’. We strongly believe that people develop themselves more effectively when they are stimulated to experiment in a safe environment. With positive developmental feedback and respect for personal values. In a training that is both fun and challenging, where people are inspired to stretch their skills and talents.

Insight from Inside challenges people to explore and cross borders. We use the KaiZen filosophy; change by taking baby steps. We focus on securing intentions with very powerful interventions, such as the Intention Circle.

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Insight from Inside delivers training, lectures and presentation for more than 25 years already. In Dutch, English and German. Inside and outside the Netherlands, in Europe, America and Asia.

We facilitate behavioural change for teams and individuals with a focus on: personal leadership, leadership, team development, cultural diversity, sales development and creative thinking.

We work playfull and with energy. With energetic exercises, confronting role plays and inspiring stories. We use our passion in acting and challenge participants to improvise themselves. With acting methods and improvising theatre.

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Coach Robert Schulte is available for everyone who wants to increase his/her personal development. You will get inspired and get insights from within. For questions about: career, personal effectiveness, stress management or management.

Coaching starts with a goal setting session. The coaching is tailor made and the number and length of the sessions varies. We usually start with a Birkman method self-assessment.
We use the Coachingmonitor to gain insight in the effectiveness of coaching.

Robert Schulte is certified by the Dutch order of professional coaches and complies with their rules of conduct.

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