Team development

A team performs to a level that can’t be achieved by the individual members.

That is what TEAM stands for: Together Each Achieves More. A team has a common goal and offers safety.
But there are more building blocks. Blocks that consist of four essential elements: goals and priorities, roles and tasks, procedures and interpersonal relations.

The order of the elements show what needs attention first and what next.

In team development we use questions like:

  • What are our team goals and do we understand and accept them?handen1
  • Does everyone know who is responsible for what?
  • Do we use everyone’s knowledge, skills and talents sufficiently?
  • Have we got the right procedures for decision making, problem solving and communication?
  • How do we share information and how do we provide and receive feedback?
  • How do team members cooperate, do we feel free to share our ideas and plans?
  • Is there enough mutual respect?
  • Do individual team members disturb the team work?

We often use the Birkman method, but also: Belbin team roles, Feedback, Team qualities, Teambuilding exercises and Peer counselling as means to learn from each other.
Teambuilding is always inspiring, active and creative. Confronting when needed and highly practical.
We use improvisation theatre regularly, for learning and fun.