Leadership development is essential in successful organisations. Successful leaders should be excellent in:

Style flexibility and Empowerment

In style flexibility it is about the art of adjusting your personal leadership style to the employee. What is your own leadership style and can you stay flexible, even when it needs behaviour outside your comfort style? In leadership development we use models and instrument like for example:

  • Situational leadership by Hersey & Blanchard,Leiderschap-ontwikkelen
  • Coaching style leadership principles,
  • The art of Kaizen (baby steps) in goal setting,
  • Providing feedback,
  • Competence management.

In empowerment it is about creating employee ‘self-efficacy’. Efficacy is : “the power to produce an effect”. The American psychologist Albert Bandura describes four essential factors which boost ‘self-efficacy’. Factors which are also important in transfer of training into daily practice. These factors are:

  • Modelling by the manager,
  • Healthy stressmanagement,
  • Celebrating success,
  • Constructive feedback.

Modelling; the manager as an example, but also other examples of desired behaviour in the organisation (the informal leaders for example). Healthy stress management; finding and keeping the right balance between healthy and unhealthy stress is elementary. People need pressure to excel, but too much pressure paralyses. Celebrating success is about making success transparent and sharable. Rewarding both effort and result, for team and individual. Constructive feedback is a about creating a process of continuous improvement by addressing both tops and tips.

In all of our change programs, leadership development is an essential part of the program.