Creative thinking


Creative Thinking is not an easy thing to do for most people. Our brain is not designed to think creatively. Humans are excellent in analysing, but as soon as we discover a pattern, we have a tendency to follow that pattern, blindly if necessary. Like Edward de Bono once said: “the main purpose of thinking is to stop thinking as soon as possible.”

Besides that, most people think very solution focused. Problems and dilemmas are solved as soon as possible, leaving out all kind of relevant details and out-of-the-box thinking.
Creative Thinking helps you to find as many new ways as possible. By training in creative thinking you will truly become more creative in your daily routine. Focused on innovation and efficiency. With experiments, discovering boundaries and crossing them. In an inspirational setting with a lot of humour.

In a Creative Thinking training you become aware of the 3 most important barriers in innovative thinking.

Judging, Patterns and Fear.

Imaginative exercises help you work to a more creative mind-set. With tools and hands-on skills that you can use ‘tomorrow’. We offer training and workshop solutions, from 6 to up to 50 people.

 Creative thinking

Training Creative Thinking

Programme and duration is flexible. From 1 day up to 3 days. And always based on:

  • Insight on how creative thinking works. Frequent practise in thinking freely. You will experience the basic elements for innovation, for yourself and the people you work with. You will feel the power of association and change of perspective. With inspiring and surprisingly easy methods you will learn to think creatively. We look at hindering beliefs that stop your out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Practical cases focused on your business issues. Brainstorming in small teams, while experimenting with thinking techniques and working towards success. The trainer will demonstrate, inspire and facilitate (and let you facilitate) new areas in creative thinking.

Microsoft recommendation

“Robert gave us a training in Creative Thinking. It was an extremely good training due to the combination of concrete tools to improve creative thinking, learning on the job and very personal and out-of-the-box coaching by Robert. To everyone who would like to boost his/her creative thinking, I would recommend Robert and his training.

September 2010