In team coaching, we usually work with the Birkman method®, an extremely powerful self-assessment instrument, designed to help teams discover, clarify and align strengths. It builds self-awareness and encourages individual and team accountability. It has been developed and enhanced through more than 50 years of use by consulting and organizational professionals.Some Selected Results:

  • Understand and leverage team strengths and diversity and develop strategies for managing blind spots.
  • Understand individual team member strengths, styles and motivators to drive productive intra-team working relationships.
  • Compare and contrast team members to identify potential areas of conflict. Drive “healthy conflict” using the information for individual and group awareness building.
  • Develop strategies for working better together and strengthening significant relationships.
  • Empower individual self-management within the team through better understanding of other team members’ styles and motivations. Drive more personal accountability for behaviour and conflict resolution.

Watch this short video explaining the Birkman methode.