Approach in training

Insight from Inside delivers training, lectures and presentation for more than 20 years already. In Dutch, English and German. Inside and outside the Netherlands, in Europe, America and Asia.

We specialise in behavioural change with a focus on: commercial development, creative thinking, team development, personal effectiveness, leadership and cultural awareness.

We inspire people to ‘become better at being you’. We strongly believe that people develop themselves more effectively when they are stimulated to experiment in a safe environment. With positive developmental feedback and respect for personal values. In a training that is both fun and challenging, where people are inspired to stretch their skills and talents.

Insight from Inside challenges people to explore and cross borders. To develop courage and authenticity. With excellent communication skills in (intercultural) contact with other people.

Insight from Inside trains with clear principles:

  • Clear results; so that the effect of training is visible.
  • Personal contract; what are your personal learning goals? We always do personal or group intakes.
  • Authentic behaviour; believing in what you do is essential, participants will focus on behaviour which fits.
  • Behavioural change; new behaviour that lasts, by support, monitoring and coaching in daily practice. By management, colleagues and trainer.
  • Practical; stay close to daily practise, with own cases and examples to increase recognition. With lots of practise and as much theory as necessary.


We build a safe and fun learning atmosphere, so that people feel invited to show themselves and be vulnerable. And thus experiment with and try new behaviour.

We train playfull and with energy. With energetic exercises, confronting role plays and inspiring stories. We use our passion in acting and challenge participants to improvise themselves. With acting methods and improvising theatre.

We train in small groups, with lots of personal attention. We also do large scale interventions, for 50 to 100 or more delegates at the same time. With workshops and lectures.

We use state of the art techniques and theoretical concepts, like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and RET (Rational Effectiveness Training).

Measuring Competence

Training is always tailor made, connecting to the desired situation. If needed we will start by measuring the baseline with a 360° competence scan.


We work with handy and practical material, when possible completed with a relevant book.