Intention Circle


Realising behavioural change or a cultural change takes a lot of time and energy. How do you make sure that people actually realise intentions they state at (for example) the end of a training. How do you use the full human change potential?

The Intention Circle is a practical instrument that facilitates the desired cultural and behavioural change and prevents falling back into old habits. It helps to sharpen learning goals and internalises them in such a way that people will truly realise them in daily practice.

A participant from a group that worked with Intention Circles once said: “this has been one of the most intense and forceful experiences and at the same time most purifying transformation in my live”

How does it work?

Participants sit together in a circle and state their intentions alternately. The other participants and the facilitator check whether the intentions are ROUND. Realistic (tangible, specific, Imaginable), Ownership (responsible, congruent, convincing), Urgency (need in time, why now?), Necessity (what’s in it for you?, what happens when you don’t do this?, why put effort in it?), Durable (lasting, sustainable). Only if they are, colleagues will stand up. The Intention Circle has finished when everyone stands.

All hindering patterns for securing intentions will be revealed; visible and tangible.

Intention Circles work as a mirror, a magnifier and a pressure cooker at the same time. They make necessary change inevitable. The result is that new behaviour will really last.

Intention Circle