Cultural Awareness

It is not a new phenomenon for a company to struggle with the consequences of culture brought about by working cross border and in multi-cultural teams. However leaving this cultural diversity alone can lead to frustration, miscommunication and mistrust between individuals and/or within any international organisation.Cultural awareness

It is an undisputed fact that how people communicate and organisations operate is very much ‘culture bound’. Individuals need to recognise and accept different modes of working together in teams and be open to the challenge of finding the right approach that motivates people in different cultures, gets their buy-in and leads to results. The overall objective of our cross cultural programs is: Improved Cross Cultural Communication.

Learning Objectives

We launch dialogues across cultures in teams and in organisations. We aim to raise cultural awareness and strengthen intercultural competences. Our focus is not merely on understanding and valuing diversity. It is also focusing on understanding individual reactions to “otherness” and resistance to change, as well as adjusting to differences in an open-minded way.

In order to increase efficiency, better understanding of the cultural dynamics and improve synergy and working relations between various offices, the learning objectives can be:

  • Provide participants with an awareness so that they can identify how cultural differences impact on the behaviour of people in an organisation (including their own behaviour), especially regarding communication & knowledge sharing, planning and team work.
  • Enable participants to develop an intercultural competence and adapt their own style to communicate (both verbally and non-verbally) and work effectively across cultural differences.
  • Equip staff with valid, relevant and practical tools to deal with cultural issues visible in daily work situations.

These objectives should lead to more effective communication and trust between people and teams.

Our approach is highly interactive. We encourage open discussions and facilitate participants’ conversations and exchange of experiences. The workshop combine short presentations, games, simulations, exercises, and small group discussion. We place considerable emphasis on ‘learning by doing’. We steer participants towards the practical application of what they learn. Participants are invited to formulate personal learning goals.

Richard Lewis model

Richard Lewis model

Insight from Inside is licensed partner for the Richard Lewis model in understanding cultural diversity. This model also offers a self-scan, which provides a very useful assessment of important behavioural skills necessary in dealing with cultural diversity.

Besides that, participants will have an automatic 1 year license to access a very rich database with insightful knowledge about more than 120 countries worldwide. From cultural history to ‘how to negotiate’ or act in meetings.