Coach Robert Schulte: I coach in English and Dutch in my coaching practice in Lith (near Oss). My personal style is inspirational, enthusiastic, decisive, provocative, open, sensitive, direct, optimistic, and creative. I coach in personal development on various themes, for example: career, personal effectiveness, stress management and leadership.

The approach: coaching starts with a goal setting personal intake. We explore your needs and ‘the personal match’. The coaching route is tailor made and the number of sessions is based on your personal needs.

We use the coaching monitor for more insight in the effectiveness of coaching,

Coaching monitor

The Coaching Monitor is an evaluation-instrument developed by NOBCO (The Dutch Order of Professional Coaches).

With the Coaching Monitor coaches and clients gain more insight in the effectiveness of coaching. Click HERE for a video on the method.


People are often hindered by (unconscious) behavioral patterns. Coaching helps changing those patterns into more effective beliefs and behavior. We usually do a personality analysis using the Birkman method at the start. This leads to profound self-awareness and a huge speed-up in learning.

We work with several conceptual methods, like RET, NLP and IEMT:

  • Rational Effectiveness Training (RET) is a ‘matter of fact’ method for testing obstructing beliefs to reality, instead of seeing them as obvious.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps to recognize and change the interaction between thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behavior.
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a therapy during which eyes are moved to create new connections in the brain and thus reducing emotions or eliminate them. This method has the reputation of creating quick and lasting results in complaints related to fear, phobia and when people get inexplicable emotional in certain situations.

Often, one of the sessions will be a walking coaching session.

In walking coaching you will choose the nature spot we go to. By calmly walking, nature will get you more in contact with yourself. The physical movement provides mental action. You will have more peace of mind, so that you are more capable of making choices and decisions. The coach will reflect and confront where necessary. Sometimes we will look back, in order to get ahead.

I am certified by the Dutch order of professional coaches (NOBCO) and comply with their rules of conduct (which can be found, in Dutch, at