About Robert Schulte


Robert Schulte has 21 years of experience in training & coaching in team development, sales/marketing, (personal) leadership, creative thinking and cultural awareness. After he finished his Commercial Economy education in 1984, he also gained his NIMA-C diploma (the highest marketing degree in the Netherlands). He studied NLP and did various training and change management courses.

He has worked in various different countries in Europe, Asia and the US. His home base is the Netherlands. His Chinese name is 伯乐, which means ‘talent spotter’ or ‘the man who knows horses’, after an old Chinese legend. He was director of the business unit Sales & Customer Orientation with Schouten Global (the largest training agency in the Netherlands) until 2007. He has his own training & coaching company since 2008. He is a licensed partner of Richard Lewis Communications / CultureActive.

He trains and coaches in Dutch, English and German. Robert inspires people. He passionately works with groups and individuals and focuses on building trust and confidence. His personal style is: inspirational, enthusiastic, decisive, provocative, open, sensitive, direct, optimistic and creative. He is author of a e-book on elementary influencing (in Dutch): “Elementair Beïnvloeden” and is co-author of a book on account management (in Dutch): “Echte account managers golfen niet”.

Robert Schulte

Passion for acting

Robert has a passion for acting, as training actor and in theatrical productions, in theatre and open air.

He also does audio books for people with a reading disability.

Robert is associated freelance trainer with Schouten Global.